Solutions for Society

We initiate projects and invest in innovative startups in Austria that develop solutions to today’s sustainability challenges. We search for innovations that:


  • cut across sectors
  • blur traditional boundaries between civil society, state and business and
  • create sustainable change.

Innovation can mean many things. For example, it can be an impact bond with the specific goal of supporting women who are victims of violence in finding secure employment. It can also occur in the form of a job platform that brings together refugees and employers. Our projects reflect this variety.


Leading-edge Environmental Technology

We invest with our subsidiary FSP Ventures in technology-oriented businesses in the area of cleantech in Austria and bordering regions.

We look for innovative environmental technology enterprises,

  • whose technology has the potential to affect sustainable change,
  • who have demonstrated proof-of-concept and
  • whose business model allows for above-average growth and upside potential.

The innovative region Central Europe shows great promise in the field of cleantech for contributing new technology for solving global challenges. In long-term thinking, economy and ecology are not at odds, as evidenced by our own investments. In fact, they can complement each other and provide a strong base for sustainable development.

Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries

Through impact investments in India, we support startups, accelerators and other projects. These activities are managed by the organization Ennovent, a global innovation company for developing countries and close partner of our foundation.

Even today millions of people do not have sufficient access to basic medical care, education, nutrition and clean drinking water. The need for affordable products and services in the health, education, energy, housing and financial services sectors is enormous. Our investments in India have shown that innovative business models and products customized for low-income target markets can address social challenges and offer market opportunities at the same time.

Responsibility in Entrepreneurship

Responsible entrepreneurship is a strong engine for sustainable change. This is demonstrated by Scheuch GmbH, who with their innovative air filter technology has been a valuable contributor to global climate protection for over 50 years. Together with Scheuch GmbH, we want to develop projects and put to use our combined expertise in business and public benefit in the service of environmental stewardship. The Innviertel Region, home of the foundation family and Scheuch GmbH, is of particular importance.